Luke’s Montana Bride

Book 1 in a brand new trilogy.

The Brothers of Montana series.

Three brothers and their search for love.

Montana 1887

A friendship that could turn to love

Growing up in the small town of Montana Falls, Amber Scott and Luke Dunbar had always been friends, even if sometimes it had seemed like they were enemies . Then Amber left to become a nurse, and Luke believed he’d lost her forever. Now that she’s back in Montana Falls, both Luke and Amber discover they need each other like never before.

Handsome lawman Luke Dunbar knows that reunions don’t always go smoothly. Especially if the woman he believes to be his one and only love is determined to resist his every attempt to show her just how much she means to him.
Can Luke seize his second chance at love, and can Amber overcome the barriers to finding a happy ever after with a friend who is now so close to becoming the love of her life?

Each novel in the series is a complete standalone story with a happy ending and no cliffhangers.

I really hope you like this new series. I am really excited to write the stories of these three wonderful men and their equally wonderful loves.

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Hunter’s Montana Bride

Hunter’s Montana Bride (Sweet, Clean Western Historical Romance)(Montana Ranchers and Brides series Book 8)


Reunited with surprise babies and a secret that threatens to end all hope of a happy ever after.

Rancher’s wife, feisty Gretchen Sinclair has been gone from her husband for almost a year. Forced by a sacred promise to leave him the day after their wedding, she’s spent the first months of her marriage away from the love of her life.

When Gretchen returns to Hunter she brings the biggest surprise imaginable. Their two beautiful twin babies.

Wealthy ranch owner Hunter Sinclair is ecstatic that the wife who mysteriously left him the day after their wedding is finally back in his arms. He’s been praying for her return and now she’s back. And she’s brought with her the most incredible gift. Twins.

But what is the secret she’s holding back?

Gretchen and Hunter are both going to need the help of all their friends, including ranch owners Nathan, Devlin and Trent. And Trent McIntyre with his wife Chloe are going to do all they can to help the reunited couple overcome their difficulties.

Can Gretchen and Hunter overcome the barriers to their happiness, claim their second chance at love, and build a future with their beautiful twins on the family’s Montana ranch?

Cole’s Montana Bride

Cole’s Montana Bride (Sweet,clean Western Historical Romance)(Montana Ranchers and Brides series Book 7)

A Bestselling series in Historical Romance on Amazon

Montana 1878

Professional matchmaker Victoria Carr has come back to Billings, Montana to attend a wedding she has arranged. When a friend asks for help in choosing between two prospective husbands, Victoria is shocked that the handsome, prosperous rancher she once loved, but left behind years before, is one of the candidates. How can she possibly recommend that a man she was once so sweet on should marry someone else?

Rancher, Cole MacAllan didn’t expect to see the woman he still holds dear come back into his life. He never stopped loving her, even if he understood why she needed to leave him. He’s faced with the threat of a marriage of convenience that he plain doesn’t want.

But, now that she’s temporarily back in his life, Cole is going to do whatever it takes to convince Victoria that she shouldn’t make the same mistake twice. This is a second chance at love for both of them, even if it means working flat out to make sure Victoria knows just how much she still means to Cole.

Can this rancher and this matchmaker find a way to reclaim their love?

Montana Ranchers and Brides series of clean cowboy historical romances each with a happy ever after.

Nathan’s Montana Bride
Devlin’s Montana Bride
Trent’s Montana Bride
Joshua’s Montana Bride
Aaron’s Montana Bride
Zack’s Montana Bride

These are clean, sweet romances that can read as standalone stories or as part of a connected series.

Zack’s Montana Bride

Montana Ranchers and Brides series Book 6

Zack’s Montana Bride is a sweet, clean Western historical romance with a happy ever after.

Montana 1887

A marriage of convenience with a second chance at love.

Ranch house

Lydia Robards has just become a widow with three beautiful young daughters to protect. With nothing left in the world and nowhere to go she can only turn to a man she was forced to abandon years before.

Montana ranch owner Zack Buchanan can’t believe it’s true. Lydia is the woman Zack loved and lost nine years ago. When he receives the letter from Lydia asking him for help he realizes it’s time to keep a sacred promise he made to her.

If she ever needed him, he promised to marry her. No matter what.

Now Lydia is coming home to Montana, to take Zack up on his promise. And she is bringing three feisty young girls with her, and a huge doubt about a future as Zack’s wife. Can she overcome her own barriers to finding true happiness with the man she once loved? And what will Zack have to do to take this second chance at building a future and a family life with Lydia?

This Montana rancher’s life is about to be turned upside down. But, if it means he can be reunited with the woman he has always loved, Zack is determined to take this second chance.
Montana Ranchers and Brides series
Nathan’s Montana Bride (Nathan and Abby)
Devlin’s Montana Bride (Devlin and Elise)
Trent’s Montana Bride (Trent and Chloe)
Joshua’s Montana Bride (Joshua and Laura)
Aaron’s Montana Bride (Aaron and Eva)
Zack’s Montana Bride (Zack and Lydia)

All of the Montana Ranchers and Brides series are clean romances and standalone stories that can also be read in any order as a connected series.


Aaron’s Montana Bride

Aaron’s Montana Bride (Sweet,clean Historical Western Romance) (Montana Ranchers and Brides series Book 5)

Aaron’s Montana Bride is a sweet, clean Western historical romance with a happy ever after.


Available on Amazon

Montana 1887

Rancher’s daughter Eva Gillespie is mourning the loss of her beloved father and looking forward to taking over the ranch they both spent so many years building up from nothing. The last thing the feisty twenty-two year old expects is that, in order to take over the ranch, she has to agree to marrying a man she can barely stand to look at.

Neighbouring rancher Aaron Stewart wants to help Eva get over her loss in any way he can, even if they’ve had their differences over the years.
When Eva’s life is put in danger, and she makes a proposal that takes Aaron completely by surprise, it takes all the patience and strength he can summon up to resist the attraction he has always felt for Eva.

Can Eva and Aaron put the past behind them as they discover that the years of rivalry on their neighbouring ranches in the wilds of Montana have been hiding a secret and very real passion.


This is the fifth in the series of sweet historical romances, Montana Ranchers and Brides. It’s about Joshua’s rancher friend Aaron’s romance with neighbour and long time rival Eva Gillespie.

I really hope you like the story. Many of you seem to have liked all of the other stories in the series. Zack’s story is next in November.
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Joshua’s Montana Bride

Montana Ranchers and Brides series Book 4

Joshua’s Montana Bride is a sweet, clean Western historical romance with a happy ever after

Joshua's Montana Bride
Montana 1887

Rancher’s daughter Laura Thorne thinks an arranged marriage to a man she barely knows will give her the happiness she’s never had growing up on a ranch. But when her husband-to-be rejects the idea of marrying her, Laura is left with nowhere to go and no hope for the future.

In trouble ranch owner Joshua McKenzie has been a friend of Laura’s family for years. So when he discovers that she has run away, it’s up to him to rescue Laura from her difficulties. Having been sweet on Laura for so long, he’s more than happy to save her from a potentially disastrous marriage.

But, neither Laura nor Joshua expect that the only real solution to both their problems is that they agree to a marriage of convenience. Can Laura accept a second chance and the promise of married life on a Montana ranch with Joshua? Can Joshua find a way prove to Laura just how much she means to him? Will they both overcome the barriers to starting a new life together in the wilds of Montana?

This is the fourth in the series of sweet historical romances, Montana Ranchers and Brides.

Montana Ranchers and Brides series

Nathan’s Montana Bride (Nathan and Abby)
Devlin’s Montana Bride (Devlin and Elise)
Trent’s Montana Bride (Trent and Chloe)
Joshua’s Montana Bride (Joshua and Laura)

Trent’s Montana Bride

Trent30percentMontana Ranchers and Brides series Book 3

Trent’s Montana Bride is a sweet, clean Western historical romance with a happy ever after.

Montana 1886

Recently widowed Chloe Wilder has a young baby to care for, nowhere to go, and an uncertain future. The last thing she expects is a marriage proposal from a rancher who she barely knows.

Successful ranch owner Trent McIntyre has just lost his best friend. Trent never thought he’d have to marry, but he made a promise to Lucas Wilder that he’d look after Chloe if she was left a widow.

Trent is a man of his word, even if it means giving up his life as a bachelor with a reputation and settling down with a wife and baby.

Chloe and Trent agree to marry. But it will be strictly a marriage in name only. Can they build a life together in Montana as a family, while resisting the obvious attraction they are both beginning to feel for each other?

The new story in the Montana Ranchers and Brides series is now available.

It’s on Amazon

I hope you all like it. Trent and Chloe both had to make great sacrifices to start a new life together on Trent’s ranch. I really felt for them as I was writing the story, and I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I loved writing it.

Let me know what you think of it.



Devlin’s Montana Bride

Devlin’s Montana Bride (Sweet, clean Western Historical Romance)(Montana Ranchers Brides series Book 2)

This is the second in a series of sweet historical romances, Montana Ranchers Brides.

Devlin’s Montana Bride is a sweet, clean Western historical romance with a happy ever after.

Ranch house


Montana 1886

Handsome Montana rancher Devlin Cooper has no plans to marry, especially after being jilted at the last minute by his former fiance. But when he’s faced with losing his ranch to a rival rancher the only option is to marry a beautiful stranger.

Feisty Elise Macleod has no intention of giving in to her father’s demands that she marry elderly rancher Bart Caulfield. He’s just too old and too mean. Her only escape from the threat of a loveless marriage is to agree to Devlin Cooper’s surprise proposal.

If Devlin and Elise enter into a marriage of convenience they’ll both get what they need. All they have to do is stay married in name only.

But can they resist the sudden attraction they both feel for each other? And can they overcome the obstacles that stand in their way to a future life on Devlin’s Montana ranch?

Nathan’s Montana Bride

Nathan’s Montana Bride (Sweet Historical Mail Order Bride Romance) (Montana Ranchers Brides series)

The Boston lady broke her promise to marry him, so the Montana rancher came to get her.

Montana 1886

Ranch house

Abigail Long had promised to become Nathan Grantly’s mail order bride. But she had changed her mind at the last minute. The tragedy that had struck had made it unthinkable that she go to Montana and start a new life with a man she hadn’t even met.

Tall, handsome Nathan Grantly wasn’t the kind of rancher to take no for an answer. The widower had a prosperous ranch to run and he needed a wife to bring up his young daughter. So Nathan did what came naturally. He came to claim his wife.

Will Abby be able to resist Nathan and the lure of her new life in Montana?  And what will Nathan do when he finds out the real reason Abby was reluctant to become his wife, and what it means for their future together? Can Abby fulfil her dreams in the wilds of Montana?


This is the first in a new series of sweet historical romances, Montana Ranchers Brides.

Mail Order Blessing

Mail Order Blessing. A sweet, full length, complete mail order bride romance novel with a happy ever after.

Pioneer Church at Bodie Ghost Twon
Wyoming 1878
Rachel’s story.

Sweetheart Falls’ town matchmaker Hettie Longfellow has finally found a husband for young, eager to marry, Rachel. Or so Rachel thinks. But there’s one obstacle. Aaron Caldigate doesn’t want to settle down in town. Then there’s the problem of Aaron’s past and how it stands in the way of Rachel’s chances of married bliss.

Aaron Caldigate is a man who keeps his word. He’s returning to Sweetheart Falls because he promised he’d come back after completing his training as a lawyer. But he’s not planning on staying, especially since his mother has taken it upon herself to find him a bride!

However he hasn’t counted on a very determined and beautiful young bride-to-be who is going to do everything she can to persuade him that Sweetheart Falls is the only place to settle down, and that she is the only woman for him.